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"I want to send you a big thank you for all the wonderful healing sessions we have had.  You have made so many improvements in my life.  The most recent sessions helped me to walk normally.  A doctor told me I had a pinched nerve causing the pain in my left leg.  Six weeks of physical therapy made no improvement.  Two sessions with you totally eliminated the pain.  And, to this day, no pain!  The last session we had was very profound. I felt safe, secure and strong.  With everything that is occurring in the world, this is very important.  You have given me freedom.  I can’t thank you enough." - I.S., Elk Grove Village, IL

"Having a Star Magic session with Cara was a breath of fresh air. It was deeply moving yet fun and exciting! I felt like I was on an epic journey. She was so present & engaging. I had asked that we focus on helping me shift my current work situation to me working full time from home. But, that it not bring about chaos. 

Within days after working with Cara there was a significant up tick in my client bookings. And I began to get several referrals. I also gained a new sense of clarity and faith in my vision. I’m definitely feeling less distracted and can see & feel the shift happening. It’s looking like I’m going to be able to start working full time from home within the next couple of months!! I can’t thank Cara enough for her time, space, love and support!" - S.J., Santa Fe, NM

"Cara is wonderful. I asked for a massage that was equal parts relaxing and physical therapy, and she addressed both to perfection. She didn't skimp on time (in fact, she went over the hour I paid for), and takes her time to get to know you, your issues, and what you need. All around, a great massage and a fun, thoughtful person. Highly recommend."- M.T., Los Angeles, CA

"Upon hearing about my issues, Cara recommended a session which we had a little over a week ago and my life has completely changed ever since. I had an intention going into the session, and she quickly and beautifully navigated me through all of my issues, gave me plenty of space for me to cry out my feelings as they arose, and led me to a place where I could see myself whole again. It was absolutely amazing and revolutionizing! I came out feeling different – better – and took away a personal mantra I now have on a post-it in front of me every day. It reminds me of what I really am and what I must do in order to keep me on the conscious, forward-momentum track of my life instead of stuck in the past. The session was truly beautiful and inspiring! And now I’m actually taking real action in my life instead of circling around nothing issues until I fall asleep each night.

If I ever feel stuck again, I would 100% go back to Cara for more help. It has become clear to me that, no, I can’t do this all by myself, no matter how learned I am in the spirit! I am so grateful for Cara. She’s really an incredible instructor, healer and human. Thank you thank you thank you so very much! Infinite love and gratitude!" - Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA


"Thank you so much for the wonderful healing sessions we have had.  It’s amazing what those have done for me.  I am much calmer and understanding of my husband and children.  I can take everything more easily in stride, and, it’s become natural and automatic now.  There is an evenness to my life.  A wonderful feeling.  Also, another big change occurred.  You know, I never liked my name.  I really like my name now!  That’s amazing.   I look forward to continuing with you, because, I know I will make more progress." - A.S., Elk Grove Village, IL

"I've worked with Cara a few times and she is amazing. Not only is she a sweetheart, but she is very talented. She really helped me when I was having a lot of back pain and worked to my specific needs. She is also very diligent about following up and making sure things are still going well for me. Her price is very reasonable considering she comes to you! I highly recommend her to everyone."
- P.B., Los Angeles, CA


"I have had a number of massages over the years, and Cara's was one of the finest. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and she made the experience serene and relaxing (I walked out feeling like melted butter!). Before the start of the massage she and I talked about my "problem areas," and she tended to those with the perfect amount of pressure. Afterwards, she gave me some informative tips about how to relieve some of the tension I have been experiencing; she truly is interested in helping her clients heal through natural, holistic remedies. An excellent, excellent experience all around." - K.H., USA


"Cara gave me my very first professional massage. I was a little nervous at first but she set me at ease right away. She asked about areas I thought needed work and she asked to me to some things so she could see herself what were some places that needed attention. It was a very relaxing experience and my body felt wonderful afterwards. Cara really helped relieve all the stress and tension I keep in my body, especially my shoulders. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She's also a wonderful person who is genuinely interested in her clients. She cares about the people she works with and will follow up or answer any questions/concerns you may have." - C.B., Chicago, IL


"Some people are just good at making you feel comfortable. That's Cara. It's quite likely that human touch is a very underrated part of our mental health. And Cara is just good people, and good people make good company. If you've ever been in need of massage therapy, you know that good company is half the battle. Cara's got that in spades." - C.W., USA


"I've been to Cara once before she moved her practice to LA... and it was amazing. She is very professional and in tune with what feels good/hurts on your body. She is also extremely considerate at making you feel comfortable and at ease. I really enjoyed the massage and would for sure go back to Cara if I'm in the LA area!"

- C.S., Elmwood Park, IL


"Cara helped me with a pain in my shoulder. After only one session with Cara the pain was gone. Before I went to Cara, I went to a number of other massage therapists with only mimimal results. I highly recommend Cara." - K.S., USA

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