Thank you for stopping by Blue Anam Cara. My name is Cara Amenta. I founded Blue Anam Cara in 2011 with the dream that I could help the people of Los Angeles relieve their stress and pain, in a way that would seamlessly fuse clinical and holistic aspects of massage and energy therapy.
The Anam Cara is a Gaelic term for "soul friend." In everyone’s life, there is a great need for an Anam Cara. In this relationship, you are understood as you are, without mask or pretention. When you are understood, you are at home. This is the relationship I seek with my clients. As my practice developed, I found that I was drawn to working more with clients that had chronic pain experiences. Having suffered through one myself, I found that I could easily relate to people who weren't sure that their pain would ever stop, let alone how to stop it. Working together with people from all walks of life, my thorough massage education and compassionate approach has helped my clients to release their physical and emotional stresses through massage and The LifeLine Technique.
Every session will look different for every client. No two bodies are the same. Together we can work to come up with a treatment plan that's tailored to your specific body, and how you use it on a daily basis. A massage for someone who is frequently on their feet is going to look very different from a massage for the seated worker. Each massage session is provided in my home office in Culver City and is sure to leave you in a state of peace and more in tune with your body.
My goal with each client is to help them live happier lives living in a state of balance that comes with healthy body tissues and a relaxed mind. When those are in harmony, the changes in quality of life are great and undeniable.
Everyone needs an Anam Cara in their life, and I look forward to being yours!
UPDATE: Blue Anam Cara is available for in-person massage clients with the conditions that treatment be provided outdoors with proper PPE and temperature checks before each session. This is the latest update as of July 29, 2020 to comply with the state and local measures in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. I will be updating my clientele as massage becomes available in home.
Virtual session options are available with the LifeLine Technique sessions using the Zoom platform. I can still support you and am happy to guide you in connecting to this new medium as we adapt to the current circumstances.
Thank you for your support and understanding!

Cara Amenta

Certified Massage Therapist

CA #27404

Certified LifeLine Practitioner

Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage #605798-11

Healing Touch Level 2

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish